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Greg O'Quinn


Greg OíQuinn has a lot to say. And his latest release Conversations, gets right to the point. Co- produced by Jimmy Moss, the songs are interspersed with interludes of dramatic dialogue and sound effects recreating scenarios of the ups and downs, struggles and triumphs of everyday life. "These are encounters between real people in real life situations," says Greg. "...The mall, an airport, on a basket ball court, cooking in the kitchen, driving on the freeway. The songs and interludes are all taken from my own life and the lives of people Iíve gotten to know and talk to as weíve toured around the country. Theyíre conversations between people and God, as well as person-to-person, about God and who He is in their lives."

One doesnít have to look far to discover just who the Lord is and has been in Gregís life. At a time filled with challenges for Greg, the random senseless murder in 1997 of his cousin Thomas Wade- formerly a member of Joyful Noyze " was his most grievous moment. And the pressures of keeping a band and vocal ensemble on the road as well as illnesses among both friends and relatives only added to Gregís determination.

Yet in "I Told The Storm", he speaks words of confidence and encouragement from a heart thatís determined to overcome any hardship: Death can shake me/Job can't make me/Bills canít break me/Disease canít take me/You cant drown me/My god surrounds me/Thatís what I told the storm.

"I think anybodyís first thought is to run from a storm, for fear of what it will hit us with," Greg comments. "But Iíve learned that you can have a very confident conversation with the storm". The song, from which the albumís title derives, an instantly memorable sing-along quality of classic praise & worship, is a narrative of discovery and the realization of God as the center of all creation. "Thatís totally autobiographical, " Greg admits, "Itís my story as it is a lot of peopleís story. If I had never been through every situation that I have-good and bad-Iíd never be able to know good the way I do now. It was a difficult song to write, because itís honest and self-exposing. But that was the case with the whole record. Before you can really speak to someoneís heart, I think they have to know you personally. I feel like I let people in much more deeply than on the first record. This is the album Iíve always dreamed of making."

Add up that diverse resume and what you have is a maser of contemporary and traditional music of all schools who brings an uplifting message of hope to everything he touches. "I want people to be able to say we got in their face, their heads, their hearts, and their souls."