Angella Christie - Humble Beginnings...

Angella Christie - Humble Beginnings...


“What do you do when God calls you and the record companies don't?" I really didn't' know anything about establishing a ministry, recording an album, or booking dates, but I knew I couldn't negate the calling or wait for a record company to confirm it. Like Nike, I just did it!"

Angella Christie posed that question in 1996 as she made her debut to the gospel music industry with her freshman release Eternity (AIR Gospel). Branded as the silent songstress, she spent nine years prior to becoming an “artist” traveling the church circuit earning the humble reputation of “the girl that plays with her shoes off.” No road managers or record companies, no role models or mentors, she didn’t know much about the industry of gospel music but found her voice within the serenity of ministry. “Apprehended by this gospel,” Angella was determined to become the world’s greatest gospel saxophonist, compelling people to worship the God that apprehended her at 17 years old. Testing the tide of her calling and convictions, the tenacious teen recorded her first “LP" and sold 1,000 units.

Upon graduating from Houston Baptist University with dual degrees in Music and Social Work, Angella went home hoping her missionary parents weren’t in Africa or some other foreign destination, and gave each of them a degree (the Music probably went to her mom who, wearied from her daughter’s earlier rock music exploits, purchased a sax from the pawn shop and stood her before the church to play her first solo, and the Social Work to her dad, the consummate philosopher and counselor who taught his oldest daughter courage by taking the youngster for her first swimming lesson in the Caribbean Sea). On her way to a Philadelphia beach, Angella stopped by Pittsburgh and attended a tent revival where she encountered Bishop Barbara Amos and spent the next nine months ministering sermonic solos and serving as organist for Bishop Amos’ revivals. Christie was confident she had found her calling and safe haven. Bishop Amos, who had served Evangelist Shirley Caesar in a similar manner years earlier, understood this time was simply basic training for Christie.


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