Angela Bofill

Angela Bofill


Singer, Angela Bofill has long been known and loved for her timeless interpretations of love and love’s despair through song. Born and raised in New York City by her Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother, Angela was exposed at a young age to a variety of musical styles; from James Brown and Aretha Franklin to Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. When she debuted in 1978 with her critically acclaimed self-titled album, “Angie”, the hits-“This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” and “Under The Moon and Over The Sky”, began the career of a young woman who would continue to “wow” audiences world wide with her dynamic energy and commitment to spread love and ultimately entertain.

More than two decades after she settled into life as a successful recording artist, Angela Bofill continues to make the world her stage. From Japan to the Philippines to the Caribbean to Europe and here in the United States, all those who have witnessed this vocal powerhouse perform live, can testify that it is obvious that the stage does indeed belong to Angela Bofill. As a matter of fact, the stage is her first love. She was a theatre major at the University of Hartford and she studied acting with Jean Shelton in San Fransico. She also holds a Bachelor of Music from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music where she was classically trained in opera.

No stranger to the media, Angela has appeared on countless television shows, including, “The Tonight Show,” “Good Morning America,” and several PBS specials with Bill Cosby and Peabo Bryson, to name a few. A frequent radio personality on New York City radio stations CD 101.9 and 98.7 KISS FM, Angela has co-hosted several times with mentor Isaac Hayes on his radio show for KISS FM. A consummate entertainer, this singing actress is ready to reach new horizons. Angela Bofill… a universal diva for the new millennium.


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