Ricardo Sanchez

Ricardo Sanchez


Ricardo Sanchez , accomplished singer, songwriter and musician, recently released his single I Lift Up My Hands (New Season, Israel Houghton, Integrity Music) in America and abroad. Influenced by a definite mix of contemporary gospel, the Latino culture, rock and R&B, his music swirls together these key attitudes and lands solidly into the genre of worship. The kind that's uplifting, fast, bright-eyed, and true. A recognized key-note speaker, worshippers from North Korea to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula , on TBN and all across the United States , invited Ricardo into their churches, conferences, ministries and hearts. They found Ricardo's humor, passion, and gifted music inspiring.

Born and raised in a cross-cultural environment in Scottsdale Arizona , Ricardo began singing professionally before he started kindergarten, both in English and in Spanish. I'll never forget it, I was 5 years old and they paid me $20 to sing a song on Mothers Day, Si tengo a mi Madre, he said. At the age of five Ricardo had already recorded his first record on SOLO Music, and by the age of thirteen Ricardo and his brother and sister traveled the country, performing and watching a hit single top the charts at #3 on local Hispanic radio, KPHX Phoenix (recorded on Vas Records).

During Ricardo's senior summer of high school he heard the salvation message of Jesus, forever changing how he viewed music and his abilities as a musician. Since then, in full-time Christian service as a musician and pastor for over 15 years, Ricardo is influencing a generation, indifferent to their ethnicity or socioeconomic background, with the Word of God. Ricardo has ministered with and before men of God such as musician and pastor Danny Chamber, Integrity Music, recording artist Israel Houghton, Dr. David Younggi Cho at Yoido Full Gospel Church, and Pope John Paul II in St. Louis, Missouri during his 1998 visit.

Ricardo is the Associate Pastor and Music Director of the Scottsdale First Assembly, Dream Center , located in Scottsdale , Arizona . Founded in June of 1999 by Pastor Tommy Barnett, the Dream Center is one of the fastest growing churches in the Scottsdale area. Ricardo also founded and directs the Dream School of the Arts, an educational institution teaching art, music, vocational skills, foreign language, and karate to the Scottsdale community.


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