Carolyn Traylor

Carolyn Traylor


Carolyn’s story begins in Greenville, Texas. She is the youngest of 12 children. At 12 years of age, Carolyn remembers singing in the choir only to be discouraged and not sing again until she attends Texas Southern University.

While at Texas Southern University, Carolyn met Olivia Branch Walker who reintroduced her to the world of gospel music. She ultimately moved back to her hometown. Carolyn, again, tried to escape singing. During this time, 13 of Carolyn’s family members died and she found herself singing again. Only this time it was at funerals and along side hospital beds. While singing, Carolyn met Mr. Willie Neal Johnson who, along with Mr. Roy Wooten, took her to Malaco Records. Carolyn recorded “DON’T WANNA BE LEFT BEHIND” produced by Evangelist Dorothy Norwood and celebrated pianist Mr. Derrick Lee.

In May of 2006 Carolyn’s sophomore project appropriately entitled “THERE’S A STORY BEHIND MY PRAISE” was released. On this project she joined forces with producers David Blakely and Marquis Egerton and such writers as V. Michael McKay, Derrick Stark and Renitha Macklin. Carolyn says “When I look back over my life and remember those times when I was too weak from crying to raise my head, and how God gave me the strength to raise a hymn, I began to thank Him all over again because now I know that He was just writing my story.

So now she invites you to sit back and witness how God continues to write new verses and give new mercies every day.


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