Imagine if you could morph the power and uniqueness of Gospel music with the slick production and sassiness of R&B? What you probably end up with is an artist who defies definition yet embodies what Gospel should be – that artist is Damita, the latest scene-stealer; anointed-singer to breakthrough in Gospel music.

Not a newcomer per se, Damita was practically born and raised in the genre.  She grew up in the epicenter of music – Detroit, Michigan – where both mainstream and gospel music flourished. Though she grew up in a religious home where the only type of music allowed was Gospel and classical, Damita’s musical sensibilities were formed.  “We were a musical family, Damita said. “Really it was just church and music but I remember running around the house with my twin sister, picking up brushes & combs singing into them when my mom would play a record.”

As a teenager Damita exposed herself to other genres of music that led her to find her musical perspective.  Opening herself up to music far beyond Gospel, she listened to everything from R&B, Jazz, Pop and Rock.  "I taught myself to play the songs and I wanted to sing by imitating what I heard on the album or radio," Damita said.  This would later shape the amazing soprano's distinct vocal style. Her collage of musical influences includes the Clark Sisters, Rance Allen, The Winans, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Sting, Celine Dion, and ColdPlay.

Damita's professional break came when her and twin sister Marguerita formed an all female a cappella group called Adoration-N-Prayze.  “We were invited to sing at the President of TM Records' birthday party not knowing this guy had a record label,” recalled Damita. “Immediately after we sang he asked us if we were interested in signing a deal and recording on his label. Our first and only release was ‘Time Is Running Out’.  We were nominated for a Stellar award for that project.”  


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