Empowered, Now More Than Ever!

Blessed has been empowered, now more than ever by the Holy Spirit to evangelize the Good News, not only through song but also through preaching, teaching and prophesying to the world. Faced with many challenges, personally and collectively, and having the faith and perseverance to come out of them victoriously, they have a story to tell. They have a testimony that will cause others to overcome.

Their motto “More than just a gospel singing group” tells the whole story of how these four Evangelists are not content with the condition of the world, but long to see all walk in victory. The music is used to convey the message that God has placed in their hearts. No longer is the question, “will the people like our music?” instead it is “Will the people be changed by our music?” Blessed is unified with their minds made up and their sight is fixed on the vision, that is to see all saved and delivered. This unity is exuded by their precise heavenly harmonies in which they call “soul harmony.” Their exciting new sound and classy look equals gospel with an attitude. They have been called to harmonize to all who are in need of true love, everyone.

ANGELA FENNIDY STEWART discovered her singing gift at 7 years old and joined her church choir at 12. Angela is very focused on the vision and on keeping the group and its business on track and moving. It’s here that you see her devotion to the ministry. Ann, as the group calls her, has been given a heart to minister to the youth, especially young girls through motivational speaking. Angela’s thoughts are: “Every good and perfect gift comes from God and every gift that He has given me, I render unto Him.”

RONDA STEWART SINGLETON began singing at the age of 6 and embraces love and laughter as her motto. Her versatility as an artist is revealed in her ability to sing and to get into character as she recites poetry. She is a person of authenticity, what you see is what you get! She has a heart for women who silently suffer the hardships that a woman’s life can bring. As Ronda reflects on God’s goodness towards her, she proclaims, “God delights in the praises of His people therefore I will forever give Him praise.”


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