Derick Thomas

Derick Thomas


Holland, Ohio - For years Derick Thomas has been behind the scenes writing music with Artists such as Grammy Award winning Israel Houghton, Dove and Stellar Award winning Martha Munizzi and Grammy Award winning Producer Aaron Lindsey. Dericks music has been heard around the globe in churches of all denominations, cultures and all walks of life.

Derick is a Minister of Music at his local church in Toledo Ohio where he has been leading praise and worship for more then 15 years in the largest church in the area. Under the leadership of Bishop Michael S Pitts, Derick has become a voice in the Gospel Music Industry. Writing from the word in the house has created a sound that other artist are hearing, appreciating and putting on their new projects.

As an army brat, Derick grew up over International waters. Born in Puerto Rico, living in Europe and raised on the streets of Chicago. Dericks music reflects the diversity of his upbringing. The cross cultural appeal of Dericks music is being felt in churches around the globe and though Derick has traveled much in his life and ministry, his music has traveled further.

The Gospel Music Industry is beginning to recognize the writings of Derick and the Sound in his Hand. Nominated for Dove and Stellar Awards in the producer and Contemporary Song of the Year categories and topping the billboard charts Derick has garnered the respect of his peers.

Derick plans to continue to utilize his gifts and writing ability to teach, mentor and influence up and coming writers. He also has plans to release a new series of Praise and Worship music titled, " Sound of The House" which is a series of recordings of various churches around the globe which will record all original material and release a current revelation written from the teachings of that particular house.

Wayne Hilliard Higher Ground The songs of Derick Thomas are mature, fresh, singable, edgy, uniquely global in appeal, and greatly sought after by voices looking for new music... His sound is his own, yet adaptable to other vocalists, as well as ensembles and groups. Whether in a small gathering or a large setting, Derick's music is known to bridge generational gaps, and is usable among musicians everywhere. I endorse his work and abilities, and consider him a strong contender as one of the great composers and new artist of our day."


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