Tachina Danielle

Tachina Danielle


By Christopher Heron

When Tachina Danielle received a prophecy from an associate pastor at her church, she knew her life would be dedicated to the Lord forever. The prophecy was: "As long as you stay in the will of God, God will supply your every need. You will never be successful at anything outside His will."

Although she says that she strayed from the path and even strongly considered a secular music career, her bond with the Lord eventually overcame any other desires.

Tachina has performed with gospel as well as secular artists: George Duke, Phillip Bailey, Michael Cooper, Hezekiah Walker, Commissioned, Tramaine Hawkins, John P. Kee, Karen Clark-Sheard, Kim Burrell, Kenny Lattimore, Chante Moore, Tony!Toni!Tone! and many more.

After her first well-received CD, Surrender, Tachina dealt with a lot of frustration, trails and tribulations. In this interview she shares how the songs on her current CD, Still Here, reflect her resolve to do the Lords will no matter what.

I knew the devil wanted me to give up; I knew he was throwing all sorts of roadblocks and things in my way because my ministry is so powerful. I said, Lord, I really need you to tell me what you need me to do. He started speaking to me through a song; all these songs started coming out of me.

Tachina Danielle - Still Here
Tachina Danielle shares her disappointments, her views on independent vs. major record labels and how she enjoyed working with Montrel Darrett. Im curious about you growing up in the Bay Area. You have so many remarkably, outstanding artists over the generations that have emerged from the Bay Area with The Hawkins Family leading the way. A host of names come to mind; what have been some of your influences? How has growing up in the Bay Area specifically influenced you, versus Atlanta or even L.A.?

Tachina Danielle: To be honest, I sort of jumped on the train a little late; I was warring within myself about what it was I needed to do for God. Initially, I started out singing gospel, then I backslid and walked away from Christ. Then I tried to do R&B and I only got so far with some promises. Then those didnt pan out and I got frustrated and started to waver back to the Lord, who was drawing me back to Him.


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