Bishop Albert Jamison


Bishop Albert Jamison Few would have imagined that, ten years after the tragic loss of gospel music’s greatest ambassador – Rev. James Cleveland – the Gospel Music Workshop Of America would actually thrive to new heights with thousands of new gospel fans, international chapters abounding and industry players and recording artists all making the mandatory trip to the annual music convention.

But that’s exactly what has unfolded under the meek and mild leadership of Bishop Albert Jamison, Sr. who’s assumed the enormous task of steering this organization into new frontiers. And what a remarkable job he’s done. Providing a sense of newfound energy, integrity and spirituality, Bishop Jamison has rekindled the organization from its roots up and the fruit is already beginning to bear.

Jamison’s experience began nearly thirty years ago, as the Chapter Representative for the Eastern New York Chapter of the GMWA. Soon discovering his locution was filled with the ability to lead in more arenas than just the convention, Albert Jamison enrolled and graduated from the Martin Luther King Seminary and Hampton University. In a short while, Bishop Jamison employed his fervent leadership to ministry by serving as the pastor for the Mount Carmel Baptist Church, where he’s continued to serve for the last seventeen years.

Adding to his portfolio of ‘good-work’, Bishop Jamison launched the evangelical Pentecost At Any Cost ministry, while finding time to serve as the Financial Overseer of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship and a board member of the African-American Religious Connection. His charitable work also includes offering his time as a member of the ministerial board for the Leukemia Society and as a director for the People United To Save Our Children.

With major miles under his belt, Bishop Jamison has gained the respect, knowledge and confidence to take one of America’s largest African-American conventions and make it bigger and better each year. Recently, we stopped the chairman of the board in his tracks to get his take on the GMWA. The bishop made our chase a worthy catch.


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