Rosalyn McDuffie

Rosalyn McDuffie


By Cherisse Stephens

The questions are being asked! Who is she, where does she come from and what does she want? We at have all the answers about the awesome vocalist Rosalyn McDuffie . Rosalyn is a sister with a voice that was just waiting to happen. Now you can experience the music and ministry of this talented psalmist on her debut release entitled Just Roz . Roz is not only serious about what she does; but she's a sister with vision. Roz lets us in on her hurts and triumphs! Let's hear what she has to say. - Roz, thank you for speaking with us today. I've had the opportunity to hear you sing at a couple events and to say the least; you are no joke. People don't realize that when they give you the microphone that it's. considered over! Tell me where this all started for you.

RM - Thank you and I just praise God! It all started for me with my parents being singers and musicians. My mother started playing the organ at the age of 4 years old. By the time she was six, she was given her own choir! It's just in my blood. As long as I can remember I have been singing. I got my first solo when I was three or four years old.

GC - It's obvious in your vocal delivery that you have a passion for what you do. Where did this all come from? What has the path been like for you?

RM - God has done so many wonderful things for me that it would take all day to tell you everything. But I'll share a few things with you. I remember getting started in Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church under the leadership of W. Leo Daniels , a very famous man of God who died at a very young age. He had a television show called The Gospel Melody Hour and you had to be at least 15 years old to sing in his choir. I was about eight years old and allowed to sing in that choir. My mother was one of the musicians; we traveled and did crusades with him. It was just a wonderful experience as a little girl. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


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