Chenaniah Praise Dancers


Gospelcity Interview with Cheneniah Praise DancersAccording to the scriptures (I Chron. 15:22), Chenaniah was a skillful Levite, displaying an undeniable talent for song that drew the hearts and minds of the followers to God. Carrying on that legacy are the Chenaniah Praise Dancers, a talented troop of sisters whose creative steps are captivating souls wherever they go. Whether its on Bobby Jones Gospel or at the Donnie McClurkin Music & Ministry Conference, folks are feelin and movin to the ministry of Chenaniah.

Aged 8 to 14, these five inseparable sisters (Briana, Tiffany, Toni, Ashanti & Britni, respectively) are further expanding on the mission and message behind ministry through their animated moves that worship and praise God in dance. Its something to behold. We spoke with the two oldest sisters about how God is working out His plan through these gifted girls.

Christopher Heron: How did the Anointed Chenaniah Praise Dancers Ministry begin?

Britni: We started in our living room by making up skits. Then one day we asked a praise and worship team from our church if they wanted to see our dance routine. They said sure, so we danced and they loved it. We danced for the first time at our church and it just took off from there.

Michelle Cross: What was the first song you danced to?

Ashanti: When You Praise by Fred Hammond.

MC: How do you come up with these marvelous pieces to dance to?

Britni: I listen to a lot of music but mostly I listen to the Word of God. God gives me visions then I put together the dances. My sisters help me organize how everything will come together and that's how the dances are created.

Gospelcity - Where Gospel is - Interview with Chenaniah Praise DancersCH: So tell me how did you get the opportunity to minister at special engagements like Bobby Jones Gospel and the Donnie McClurkin's Back to Holiness Conference?

Ashanti: We had a friend who signed us up to appear and so we danced at the Bobby Jones Retreat. We met one of the producers. The producer loved our ministry so much that they came to our extravaganza that we have every year. That's how we got the connection from there to dance at different places including Donnie McClurkin's Back to Holiness Conference.


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