Brenda Jefferson

Brenda Jefferson


Interviewed y Cherisse Stephens

Have you heard of Pastor Brenda Jefferson? Well, if you havenít youíre in for a treat and if you have, well, you know what Iím talking about. Pastor Brenda Jefferson releases her debut CD entitled A Time of Refreshing. This CD has something for everybody and just about everybody participates on this project. catches up with the busy pastor/artist to discuss ministry and what God is doing in this season. - Pastor Jefferson, God bless you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us today. Letís get started by asking ďWho is Brenda Jefferson?Ē

Brenda Jefferson Ė I am the proud wife of Bishop M.B. Jefferson and Iím also the co-pastor alongside my husband at the Deeper Life Christian Church. Together, God has blessed us to be over 70 churches worldwide. I am also blessed to be the mother of four children.

GC - Being an artist is hard enough but also filling the role of co-pastor must be very challenging and rewarding Ė all at the same time.

BJ Ė God has blessed us to have an awesome ministry. Iím so glad that God chose me to give my all to him. Iím blessed to be chosen by God and walk alongside my husband in ministry.

GC Ė Tell us what part of the ministry youíre most passionate about.

BJ - I must admit I love working with the youth and young adults. I just love their spirits and willingness. God has also given me a heart to work with women who have been abused and substance abusers. I have a heart for these types of people and God has given me programs to help bring about deliverance.

GC Ė That is so wonderful; itís good when you see a First Lady who gets in there, rolls up her sleeves and works in the Kingdom. Now letís talk about your music. How did you get started in the business?

BJ Ė Iíve loved gospel music all of my life. Iíve been writing scripture songs for years now. Itís a part of me and I enjoy ministering in song.


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