Gospelcity Interviews Gospel Legend Edwin Hawkins

Gospelcity Interviews Gospel Legend Edwin Hawkins


Gospelcity talked to Gospel Legend Edwin Hawkins about his upcoming musical plans.  Hawkins will be honored also with his brother the late Bishop Walter Hawkins at this year’s True Worship Retreat.

Gospelcity:   What are some of your plans with keeping the music of BishopWalter Hawkins visible in the gospel industry?

Edwin Hawkins:  It won’t be a problem with keeping Walter’s music visible. So many people and choirs are still singing and will sing his music.  Much of the music will become classics. We’ll be singing some of the music when we travel with the new Edwin Hawkins Singers. We’ll be doing some church dates in September with the Love Center Choir combined with the Edwin Hawkins Singers. We’ll do most of his music. We’re planning to record a Love Alive 6 CD in 2012.

GC:   Are there any plans for a book about the Bishop Walker Hawkins?

EH:  We haven’t talked about a book about his life.  I’m planning on writing a book about my life.  Of course I can’t do anything without including him since we grew up together.

GC:  You have an annual Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar.  How is your seminar different from the True Worship Retreat?

EH:   I understand the True Worship Retreat is a worship conference. We deal with music and arts.  Where as we deal with drama…the ministry of gospel music with dance, fashion, vocal technique, chord decorum, songwriting and keyboard technique.  We are a little bit different.  We have a class and session on worship as well. We do so much worship music.

GC:  You’re one our living gospel legends.  How long have you been in the gospel industry?

EH:  Professionally we started in 1969 with our first professional release of Oh Happy Day.  That launched our career. We started during concerts all over the country.

GC:  Since you’ve been singing on tours around the world, what are your thought about the expansion of Gospel music in the style and its worldwide appeal?


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