Interviews's's "Hip Hop & Holiness" An interview series - Rev. Aaron Campbell

ADVERTISEMENT is conducting a series of interviews with Pastors across the country that is reaching the Hip Hop Generation. Our hope is these interviews would inspire, motivate and provide insight to youth leaders and pastors.  We are featuring Rev. Aaron Campbell from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Hi Rev. Campbell.  Thanks for consenting to interview with us on this series about Hip Hop Pastors.

Aaron Campbell:  Sure. Thanks for asking me.

GC:   Let me start by asking what is your personal testimony?

A C:  My personal testimony is I’m from a single parent household. We were struggling financially but yet my mother sacrifice alimony for me to go to one of the most prestigious prep schools. I was living in two different worlds in North Jersey.  On one hand, I was living in a neighborhood with tough streets and then living in the suburban world with my classmates.  If you would also factor in with me be being a part of different religions as an Ex-Catholic, a Humanist, and even an Atheist. I went off the University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League school but also in search for manhood.   I had a job at the Port Authority in Manhattan as a janitor working the night shift on some quest for manhood and for meaning. 

The Ivy League world said manhood looks like academic prowess … success… white collar if you will and the streets said you can have all that so I felt I had to have what the street said as well.  Like King Solomon I gave myself one hundred and ten percent to everything the world said would work… the street side, academic side and I just found out that it was all vanity.

 At that point I became very disenchanted, very wreck less and just living for the day because tomorrow we die. I was reckless I was into crime…drugs … really heavy into crime and drugs.  It was like I was committing suicide in slow motion.  Everything the world said would work failed. There was no answer.  I thought I knew everything about the church since I was a Catholic.  But I heard the gospel at 22 years old. I thought I knew the Gospel.  I heard my uncle and saw his changed life.  I was brought up in the Hip Hop world I was very familiar with all of the religions. The Five Percent Nation religion, the Egyptology religion, Afro centrism and the knowledge of self … and All of Public Enemy you name it.


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