Interviews's Richard Cox sit down with Damita Haddon's Richard Cox sit down with Damita Haddon


Gospelcity talked with Tyscot Gospel Recording Artist Damita Haddon about her new CD “Anticipation” and other information about her life and ministry.

Gospelcity:  Thanks Damita for talking with me today.

Damita Haddon:   Thank you for having me.

GC:  Damita, first tell me about your church background.

DH:  I was a preacher’s kid. The things that happen in church I’ve experienced it. I’ve been doing music since I was a kid. I come from a musical family. My parents sing. In my family there are preachers and singers … talent was everywhere.  Pretty much I’ve been in music ministry for a long time.

GC:  How did you get your first break into the gospel music industry?

DH:  My first break really came by accident. I was singing in a group called Adoration and Praise at the time. We were invited to sing for an executive birthday party. So we sang and before the party was over the executive asked us to sign a record deal. And that’s exactly what we did.  Of course we thought it over with legal counsel but we ended up signing.

GC:  You’re such an amazing young lady with a lovely voice.  Why did you decide to sing gospel music?

DH:  It was never any temptation about singing anything other than gospel. It wasn’t a battle that I had.  It really wasn’t a choice at all. Gospel music is what I grew up around.  Gospel music has always inspired me because it gives a message of hope.  I’m not saying there isn’t any inspiring message in some secular music. Gospel music is what I felt I was called to do.

GC:  What was your inspiration behind your project “Anticipation?”

DH:  Life.  Music is always inspired by life and seasons that we go through. This CD particularly was hard for me because I lost my mother while doing this project.  So I tried to really inspire people through this CD.  I know this is a place I’ve never been in before so I hope people like it.


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