Interviews's Richard Cox One-on-One with Bishop Larry Trotter's Richard Cox One-on-One with Bishop Larry Trotter


Gospelcity talked with Bishop Larry Trotter about his new book “Living Above SEE Level:  The True Story of Struggle, Stress & Success,” his Sweet Holy Spirit Church and his music ministry.

Gospelcity:  Thanks Bishop Trotter for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Bishop Larry Trotter:  I’m honored.  I’m glad to do the interview.

GC:   Why did you decide to write “Living Above SEE Level?”

LT:  Well I wrote the book out of my own personal pain but for the intent to help young pastors and gospel music people.  I wanted not to be ashamed to talk about things and be transparent as you see in the book.  Because I wanted people to know that they can bounce back as well.   Everybody has a dark moment but the Lord allows us to bounce back.

GC:  In your book you talked about being tired in your life.  Does the pressure of ministry of any size church presents a challenge today trying to balance their family and church?  In what way?

LT:  A lot of statistic shows eight out of ten Southern Baptist preachers that are predominantly white never pastor more than 3 years at one church because of the pressure.  I think the pressure is magnified when a person has a celebrity or popular status which makes a situation like I was a victim of.  When you have notoriety and have a lot going for you because so much is given so much is required.  It works in a good way and it can work in a negative way.  

GC:  By giving us a transparent look into your personal rise and fall, do you think its harder today with ministers being overwhelmed with high expectations to not only preach but run businesses in their churches such as day care center, schools, bookstores, etc?

LT:  It’s more than a notion being a pastor. We are more than just preachers we are counselors, we do real estate we do banking all of those things.  So the average preacher has so much on themselves that it is so imaginable how they get through it without having a stress attack.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the church is.  It’s just a demand on that certain man or woman.


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