Joe Pace


Listen to While You Wait (click here) from Joe Pace's latest album "Glad About It!".

Joe Pace Against all conventional wisdom in a rather diminutive market, the Colorado Mass Choir has found a remarkable way to rise like the Rockies, as one of the great American community choirs of the new millennium. Winning a Stellar award for the New Artist of The Year back in '97 certainly served as momentum for this uniquely placed ministry.

But, it's been the talented and tenacious work of its founder and leader, Joseph W. Pace, that's made all the difference and enabled the choir to find a distinctive voice in today's pool of artists.

Serving for a host of years as the Music Minister for Denver's popular multicultural mega church, The Heritage Christian Center, Brother Pace has honed his talent as a musical force in the church arena.

But, it's his extraordinary musical influence with CMC that has set Joe apart from his colleagues as a prominent producer, songwriter and arranger. In this week's spotlight, Joe offers his eloquent perspectives on his ministry, the emergence of praise & worship and the challenges and new opportunities that accompany a move to a new record label. It's an interview we enthusiastically welcomed, as we're sure you will, too.

Christopher Heron: Most people are acquainted with the world's greatest choirs originating from cities like Chicago, IL; New York, NY and Atlanta, GA. So, what was the first reaction to the Colorado Mass Choir and its place among the great choirs of today?

Joe Pace: It certainly has been the leading of God that has caused this to happen. Wherever we go, we still get that. When we go places, people still can't believe there is a mass choir coming out of Colorado. There's so much diversity and talent in Colorado and I'm just so thankful God opened the door for that to be exposed. We actually got started back in '95, out of a workshop we were doing in the Colorado Springs area. Rev. James Moore and others were a part of that and out of that came a deal for us to do our first project. God did an extremely quick work. We worked and prayed hard, and the rest is just that the Lord's hand moved upon us. So we're excited to bring some exposure to that region of the country.


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