Karen Clark Sheard


Karen Clark SheardLife is such a precious commodity. Karen Clark Sheard can testify to that. Her life was nearly snuffed out in a most unexpected turn of events that saw her surrounding change overnight, from a circle of friends and family to a surgery room of specialists.

But by Gods grace, Karen was given a second chance. Yes, indeed. Just over a year ago, Karen was delivered from deaths door, through a team of prayer warriors that included her Pastor and husband Minister J. Sheard.

And with her new lease on life, Karens displaying a whole new attitude, new look and a new message thats captured on disk in her new album 2nd Chance (Elektra). In our exclusive interview, Karen reveals her ordeal that shocked her family, friends and fans around the world.

The usually shy and reclusive Mrs. Sheard also lets us in on her new set of priorities that have literally transformed her into a new woman. It might have taken us two years to finally have our sit-down with Karen. But the wait proved its weight in gold.

And for those of you still not acquainted with one of the most respected voices in gospel music, GOSPELCITY.COM is certainly proud to introduce you to a personality youll be hearing and seeing for the rest of the year, the youngest member of the legendary Clark Sisters - Karen.

Christopher Heron: Karen, quite a few folks would love to know what some of your favorite gospel albums are over the years. Do you have any favorites?

Karen Clark Sheard: I don't have a favorite gospel album or CD; I love all the artists that are out but I don't have a favorite. I can name those that have ministered to me through my ordeal: Maurette Brown Clark and CeCe Winans. Through my health situation, those two artists really blessed me.

CH: Lets talk about your ordeal in a sec. Right now, Id love to know which minister or ministers have the ability to minister to your heart when they speak a word from on high?

KCS: Well, I don't want to be biased but, of course my husband, Pastor J. Sheard. When I come off the road on Sunday morning and get a word from God, it seems like he ministers directly to me. When I sit down in that seat at home relaxed it's like I'm just eating good food that I nutritionally need. It's really like he puts his word back into me nutritionally and spiritually; he has an awesome word from God.

CH: What about real food, Karen? What one or two things do you really enjoy eating when you're just being Karen?


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