Luther Barnes


In this week’s spotlight interview, GOSPELCITY chats with one of the great voices today in gospel music – Luther Barnes. Even though he grew up as the son of a recording artist and pastor – Rev. F.C. Barnes, who penned the legendary song, “Rough Side Of The Mountain”, Luther has successfully managed to carve out a distinctive musical career that no longer sits in the shadows of his awesome father.

Through his awesome smooth vocals and beautiful song writing skills, Luther has marvellously captivated a new generation of Barnes’ fans that have found great joy in the diversity of his music and the richness of his voice.

This week, we invite you to discover one of the humble treasures in our industry today, who’s so deserving of credit and attention. With a new project called Come Fly With Me on the market, Luther is soaring to new heights and we’re monitoring his altitude.

Christopher Heron: Your latest project – Come Fly With Me (AIR Gospel) – is uniquely special in tone and presentation. You’re at the forefront of this masterpiece, for one. You also touch on a number of musical styles with such grace. And, you feature so many talented artists that are popular in their own rights. An album like this must have taken some time to prepare.

Luther Barnes: Well, actually it’s been a long time in the making. We’ve been talking about this for about 10 years or so. Each time we talked about it, it seemed to be time to do another release. But this time we decided to go ahead with it. I guess it took about a year and we started gathering information, songs and thoughts about what we were gonna do with this album. Sometime around Thanksgiving or so, we started recording. We finally got it done and got it out. I’m very pleased with the project. It showcases a lot of styles I really love in gospel music. I love choirs and quartets; I love ballads, strong gospel music and old time favorites. We got some of it all in this project and I feel very good about it - I just hope it’s gonna bless someone.


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