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Christian Hip-Hop Lyrically Throwing Stones?

Christian Hip-Hop Lyrically Throwing Stones?


By Church Boy
Originally Posted on www.holyculture.net

A child has a dream, teen pursues the dream, and an adult achieves the dream; they acquire a record deal to create music for the world to hear. There’s one task left to complete, one last line to cross; the world must listen. This is the challenge faced by an untold number of artists. However from the world’s inception to this present day only a select few have overcame the odds and performed on a global platform as the world patiently listened. In order to ensure clarity let me say that many artists have been heard by the world, but only to a few has the world listened. When we “listen”, the artist’s message reaches down to our innermost being, stirring our hearts producing a fitting response from us.

Artists within the hip-hop genre have marked many sleepless nights towards mastering their craft. They tirelessly create crisper beats, smoother flows, smarter hooks, and stronger stage presences. After years of patiently waiting, when they feel that the time is right, they boldly stand before the world and perform. Still the best of our artists have merely entertained the world and became background music to the world’s progression. For all our style, our substance, our “swagger”, we fail to truly move the world. You might say hip-hop was never meant for the world, but for the “urban world”, for the oppressed, the ridiculed, and the impoverished. Well, then I ask isn’t hip-hop about change and progression? Can there really be change and progression for the oppressed, ridiculed and impoverished if we do not reach the oppressors, ridiculers and um, impoverishers (I didn’t spell that wrong, I created a new word)?

I believe there is one element that will effectively turn the world’s ear to an artist’s message. This element is the one detail overlooked by hip-hop. Most artists actually lose this element as they hone the skills in the known elements. The element is humility or meekness.

This week my attention was compellingly redirected and my focus was captured by two humble individuals. I am sure that you know them. I’m confident that you’ve heard them. And I’m sure positive that you’ve listened. You might be thinking the names already, Susan Boyle and Paul Potts, two unimposing individuals, one new to all and the other new to some. However in recent days Youtube videos of Susan Boyle, a 2009 competitor on Britain’s Got Talent, and through comparison Paul Potts, the 2007 Winner have gone viral on the internet.


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