Tonex Retires From The Music Industry

Tonex Retires From The Music Industry


Gospel Superstar Tonex Shocks The World; Announces Retirement From Gospel Music Industry

In a shocking revelation to the gospel music listenership of Los Angeles, Award-winning gospel recording artist Tonex told Aundrae Russell that he is retiring from the gospel music industry. The popular, cutting edge artist was invited by Aundrae Russell, host of the SPREAD THE WORD gospel music program (Sundays, noon – 6pm) to talk about his participation in the BET Gospel Celebration. He mentioned the highly anticipated television taping, but then shocked the world and Aundrae with the revelation that he is retiring from the industry. Tonex went on to describe his bewilderment in the short-comings he has beheld in gospel music. Playa hating, back biting and a lack of respect for the music was lamented by Tonex who also took the moment to be very candid about his divorce from wife Yvette.

While Aundrae and guest co-host Lester Barry were shocked to hear this news first hand from the ground breaking artist, Tonex went on to expand on his position. He advised the listeners that they could visit his blog at to learn more about his decision. The blog says that “After long contemplation and much financial & emotional hardship, I have decided that Tonex needs to go on hiatus from the music industry. I have tried very hard to endure all that I can from being misunderstood to being down right lied on and I don’t physically or emotionally have the capacity to continue on anymore under the current circumstances…”

You can hear a major portion of this shocking interview by clicking below:


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