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GC New Year’s Message

GC New Year’s Message


by Robin Caldwell

For I know the plans I have for you ," declares the Lord, " plans to prosper you and not to harm you , plans to g i ve you hope and a future. –Jeremiah 29: 11

I remembered some words I had read just 24 hours before my friend, Terrance, called.

“I have to live in the moment. I can't afford to live in the past and relive either successes or failures, and I can't afford to live in the future and worry about what might happen. The only time I can do anything about is right now.” --Pastor Rudy Rasmus

Actually, I only remembered “The only time I can do anything about is right now,” but thought to include its entire context in this paragraph.

Terrance, like me and other people in and out of my world, had just experienced the death of a loved one. He sounded like he wanted me to believe that he was just fine, but I could hear what he didn't say. And that's only because these days there are many things I am not saying with my mouth but can be read in my voice or even in my face.

Still, I admire Terrance and my friend Denise who recently lost her mother, because they are mourning but anticipating the gladness God has promised in His Word. They are making the transition gradually but with an expectancy that is bound to bring them joy in the long run.

Denise told me, “This is my new beginning,” and I understood precisely what she meant. When my grandparents died, I told a friend almost the exact same thing. I, in fact, added that I thought their deaths were the best things to happen to me, which alarmed my buddy to no end. It was hard to explain that I thought the Lord was using their deaths, and my grief, to bring me closer to Him – to grow me up spiritually. Evidently, that closed door was an opening for Him to do something else with me and for me.

I think my friend gets it now – right now.

This past year has been something else. For every triumph and victorious moment like new babies, marriages, promotions, etc., there have been some major losses. For me, one of my favorite uncles passed away; R&B singer Gerald Levert died as did Ed Bradley –giants known and unknown passed on. There have been tragedies of all kinds. I honestly don't know how to categorize this past year. I waffle between calling it life happening fast and furious or life happening on its own terms whether I like it or not.


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