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Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are...

Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are...


By Robin Caldwell

“Therefore, come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord…” (2 Corinthians 6: 17)

My cell phone was blowing up; the caller was a person I had no interest in speaking with or even entertaining. It would be an utter waste of my time, to answer the call and pretend like I was truly interested in what he had to say. It would have been a waste of energy to pretend to be anything, including annoyed, with this person.

Thank God, I had the presence of mind to add this guy’s phone numbers to my cell phone’s phone book. I wanted to be able to identify him and exercise the choice of not answering his calls. (Memo to people who think phone technology is totally useless: Caller I.D. really comes in handy.)

The caller was a nuisance only in that he had deceived me in the recent past. He also played games to justify his deception. Let’s just call it what it is: Dude was a skilled con man, a person who had no intention of keeping his word, and at the end of the day, he was nothing more than a thief and a liar. His mission statement was, “charm and disarm them.”

I was introduced to him by a person who ironically (or not) introduced me to the only other person to play the exact same game with me. Do you see the common thread?

Initially, I thought she was naïve, a person who had a hard time discerning good from bad, godly from evil, and an instant mark for people who could tell her anything she’d believe as gospel truth. I had genuine compassion for her, because I could see that she too was being used, or so I thought.

Someone wiser, and much more adept at seeing duplicity than I, suggested to me that the woman who had introduced me to these people actually was just as bad as them. I found that hard to digest given for the few years I had known her, I had never witnessed anything duplicitous about her – at least nothing I paid close attention to.

“No, she’s complicit,” my wise friend said, adamantly. “As long as she refuses to acknowledge the blind spot she has with people, she’s just as bad as they are. Leave her alone, she’s dangerous.”


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