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A Mary Mary Wedding


Pictures and Article courtesy of LaTonya Pegues

Happy is the title of the upcoming project by Mary Mary, and very happy was Mary Mary's eldest sister Erica Atkins-Campbell and new husband Warryn Campbell.

They were married on May 26, 2001, before family, friends and music industry guests, at the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.

Erica and Brandy Serving as Erica's maid of honor was fellow Grammy, Stellar, Dove, Lady of Soul, and Soul Train Award winning sibling, Tina Campbell, and the matron of honor was Trecina Campbell. Brandy, star of the hit television show, "Moesha", was also a bridesmaid. Warryn's best man was none other than his father, Warryn S. Campbell, Sr.

Bridegroom Warryn Campbell is a musical master producer. Warryn has produced chart-topping gospel projects for Bebe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Kelli Price and Winans Phase II. He also played a key role in the success of Mary Mary's project, Thankful.

Erica's dress Beautifully adorned in a bridal gown exclusively designed by Leeza, Erica was simply gorgeous. When she walked down the aisle to her waiting bridegroom, her beauty took everyone's breath away.

So much so, that upon seeing his bride coming towards him, Warryn's eyes flooded with tears. That did it - from that point on there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Showing the unity of both families, Erica and Warryn had all family members seated on the same side of the aisle. Friends, colleagues and associates were seated on the other side.

The parents of the bride, Eddie Atkins and Thomasina Atkins and the parents of the bridegroom, Warryn S. Campbell, Sr. (at the altar) and Sandra Campbell, were seated together.

Veneassa,Warryn, Erica and Bebe Singing at the wedding were Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Bebe Winans. Vanessa sang, If I Could and Bebe sang, Searching for Love. What a blessing to have two internationally known and anointed ministers of the gospel singing at a wedding.

Well-known wedding guests in attendance included, rapper Heavy D. and his cute little daughter Xea; Anson and Eric Dawkins of gospel's Dawkins and Dawkins; Verity Records director of gospel music, Jeff Grant; GospoCentric and B-Rite Music's Monica Bacon; Priority Records recording artist Nysa Shenay; producer and arranger Jason White of White Throne Productions and many others.

Where's the honeymoon you might ask? The newlyweds went on a seven-day cruise of the South Caribbean. Very nice!!

I had the opportunity to ask Erica a few questions about her success and courtship with hubby, Warryn.

GC: How did you two meet?

Marital bliss Erica: Warryn saw me perform in the Michael Mathews play, "Sneaky." The first time he saw me, he told his cousin who was with him, "She's going to be my wife." He later met me backstage, and slowly we got to know each other and eventually we began to date.

GC: Where did you go on your first date?

Erica: To a movie and then out to eat some Spanish food (Erica's favorite).

GC: What are some of your hobbies and personal interests?

Erica: Spending time with my family and reading books. I'm currently reading book number three of the "Left Behind" series. I also love working with children.

I encourage them and tell them that they can do whatever it is they want to do as long as it glorifies God. (Recently at a benefit concert hosted by Mary Mary, the duo donated $30,000 to their local church, Evangelistic Church of God in Christ, to build an inner city youth center in Los Angeles).

Tina Atkins and Teddy GC: Is Warryn Campbell related to musician and drummer Teddy Campbell, husband of your sister Tina?

Erica: Everybody asks that question! Warryn and Teddy are not related, but they have been friends for years!

GC: How is your relationship with your other sisters (there are seven sisters and one brother) now that you and Tina are so much in demand?

Erica and younger sister Erica: I don't get to spend as much time with them as I would like to, but they are still my sisters. I love them very much, and as often as I can, I spend time with them

GC: Who are some of the artists you would like to work with?

Erica: I'd like to work with Mary J. Blige and Karen Clark-Sheard.

GC: How are you dealing with your new celebrity status?

Erica: I really haven't changed. I still go to the mall and to the grocery store. Like some well-known people, I don't try to hide or stay in the house. I enjoy my freedom and I pretty much go wherever I want.

My life hasn't been changed that much, really. Sometimes when I see people in public, they expect me to be upbeat and ready to talk to them all the time.

Newlyweds Erica and Wayne Sometimes I'm tired and don't feel like talking. But for the most part, I don't mind when people come up to me and say hello or that they enjoy Mary Mary's music.

GC: What was it like working with Kirk Franklin on the "Kingdom Come" project? I really like the song, Thank You.

Erica: Thank you! Kirk is great to work with and he is funny. He keeps you laughing all of the time.

He does this funny thing where he walks around and pushes his stomach out so far that it looks like he's three months pregnant!

GC: Wow! That is funny because Kirk's wife Tammy just had a baby, Cazaiah. Erica, thank you for taking time out from your final days before the wedding to share time with the GospelCity.com family.

Erica: You're welcome and God bless you.

The happy couple The GospelCity.Com family would like to congratulate Warryn and Erica Campbell on their newlywed status and wish them God's blessings for a fruitful and purpose-filled life together in Him. God Bless!

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