The Singletons - Pour Out Your Holy Spirit

The Singletons - Pour Out Your Holy Spirit


The Hawkins. The Clarks. The Winans. The Singletons. Say whom? Thanks to Verity custom label Fred Hammond Music, an eight-piece vocal band featuring members of the Singletons and The Robinsons come to the forefront on their debut CD, Pour Out Your Holy Sprit. The group, whose home church is The Bethlehem Temple Church of Flint, Michigan, performed some road gigs with a musician/friend of Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp (both Sapp and Hammond were with Commissioned), and a local appearance with Hammond. Now fast forward to a performance of Pour Out Your Holy Spirit on Hammond's 2001 compilation, In Case You Missed It (which also featured newcomer Joann Rosario). The Singletons' overall ministry on the CD liner notes reads: "lifting Jesus up." This statement is carried out in full with songs of worship and praise. Many of The Singletons' inspirations, not surprisingly, come from musical families including The Hawkins and the Atkins sisters known as the duo Mary Mary.

Hammond serves in many backing capacities, including co-producer, musician (keyboards, bass and acoustic guitars) and even co-music mixer. Between Hammond's co-arrangements and natural vocal abilities, The Singletons all take turns with lead vocals, displaying a maturity and crispness that some solo vocalists lack. Hallelujah opens with soft Latin rhythms and sweeping harmonies augmented by Fender Rhodes piano. Featured on the breakdown towards the end are the rousing vocals of Camilla Singleton-Dodd. Bring in the funk, some rock guitar and the lead vocals of Ryan Robertson on Let's Bring Him In. If your ears are super sharp, you can hear subtle background vocals from Hammond. Part of the plan is keeping your praise on track:

Glory, Glory gets His attention,
Hallelujah, He starts to listen.
Enemies will surely scatter,
Whatever is wrong won't even matter.

Soles of My Feet talks about security in what is ours in Christ Jesus, and going beyond the losses and our past history of failures. Along with the minimalist accompaniment of the backing band is the light stomping of feet (appropriately named "the soles"). In the spotlight on Hope Now In Him is the sweet voice of Catrese Singleton-Johnson. Taking an old-school soul approach on Pour Out Your Holy Spirit, all Singletons share the lead, along with some "phat" organ lines and down-to-the-bone bottom bass guitar by Hammond. The Holy Spirit is fueled by the continuance of our faith:


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