Yolanda Adams - The Experience

Yolanda Adams - The Experience



"If I can see it…then I can do it!"
Just a little over a decade ago, Yolanda Adams was a schoolteacher in Houston, Texas with a heart for her students and an even bigger passion for her Lord. Yolanda had been singing since she was a teenager, and managed to make a name for herself, locally, doing so around her commitments as a teacher.

As her singing demanded more and more of her time, she was forced to make a life-changing decision. Should she continue teaching or should she give that up to pursue a Higher calling…music ministry?

Yolanda was also divorced as a young woman, often testifying about the perils of her marriage. She was no stranger to struggle or strain, but managed to persevere and hold fast to a vision.

"If I just Believe It…There's Nothing to it!"
Yolanda's earliest recordings go back to The Southeast Inspirational Choir, where she was a prodigy of the late Thomas Whitfield. After several solo performances with the choir, and a solo recording on a fledgling independent label, Yolanda acquired the attention of the industry and Gospel music fans alike.

It was after linking with instrumentalist Ben Tankard and signing with his Tribute Records that Yolanda Adams became a household name among Gospel music circles. There was no question that Yolanda was beginning to see the fruits of her faith and her labor, but this was just that…the beginning.

"I Believe I Can Fly!"
Despite financial takeovers, and corporate mergers, Yolanda was able to stand the test of time and continued to deliver remarkable recordings and incredible performances.

1999 found Yolanda on the Elektra Entertainment Group, as the first Gospel act signed to the company. Her debut Elektra recording, Mountain High…Valley Low, catapulted Yolanda to the forefront of Mainstream America and exposed her to an entirely different audience.

2000 was a year that saw Yolanda accomplish numerous and prestigious feats. A Grammy, Stellar Awards, Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards, NAACP Image Awards, a platinum-selling CD, and countless television appearances. Personally, Yolanda was also reveling in the glow of a prosperous and glorious marriage, and the birth of her first child.


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