Dr. Charles G. Hayes and The Warriors - Icee Inspirational, The Remix

Dr. Charles G. Hayes and The Warriors - Icee Inspirational, The Remix


Dr. Charles G. Hayes and The Warriors - Icee Inspirational, The Remix

By Peggy Oliver

Who would ever dream of expanding a four decade-plus ministry from a small family group, follow that with 30 albums and still attract audiences across a variety of genres and cultures?

Today The Warriors , led by founder/pastor Dr. Charles G. Hayes , have reached 100 gospel strong voices. Their latest, and first on Icee Inspirational , The Remix , brings some Warrior favorites in an updated manner, but the roots are not completely pushed off to the side.

The aggregate aka The Cosmopolitan Warriors and The Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir based out of Chicago's Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer , have visited all over including internationally acclaimed festivals: Umbria (Italy) and Montreaux (Switzerland) Jazz and the Chicago Gospel Festival. They've graced stages with gospel's finest: Mahalia Jackson , Clara Ward , plus blues superstar B.B. King . Even the diversified Billboard Magazine recently recognized The Warriors with a front page cover.

After a brief dissertation by Dr. Hayes on how change causes growth, Keep Looking Up gets the musical ball rolling, dropping motivation when the chips are down: “Look to the hills from whence cometh your help.” ( Psalm 121:1 )

Jesus Can Work It Out, a humongous radio favorite, features the original lead singer, from the original Warriors recording, Dionne Williams . She adds lyrics adhering to today's times, but never kids around with that smoky voice preaching about the miracle of the lame man ( Acts 3 ).

Gaye Hill offers an intense love offering for all His mercy and guidance on Love You So , penned by Darius Brooks . The choir vigorously echoes the sentiment and Dr. Hayes administers a provoking follow-up: “Anybody love Him, I said for real?”

Dr. Hayes leads the troops throughout the spiritual, He Laid His Hands On Me as affirmations of “alright, alright” and “something hot” goes to show the Lord is the Great Physician of our body and soul.


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