Deitrick Haddon - Super Natural

Deitrick Haddon - Super Natural


By Rene Williams

Deitrick Haddon and the Voices Of Unity blow the roof off of another project with their latest, Supernatural (Tyscot). This project is jammin' and slammin' from beginning to end. If you thought that Chainbreaker was awesome, believe me, you won't be disappointed with Supernatural. Deitrick Haddon, a Tyscot and now a Verity recording artist, uses his incomparable production and songwriting skills to take us into the realm of the spiritual. Webster defines "supernatural" as being beyond, or exceeding, the power or laws of nature; miraculous. What a perfect definition for this CD.

Deitrick Haddon & VOU start off "Supernatural" with Victory, a strong up-tempo groove. The chorus states:

If I hold my peace
Let the Lord fight my battles
He'll be with me to give me victory
God said it and I believe it
I've got the victory

"Shake The World" is another bad jam that talks about Christians rocking the world and changing the world for Jesus. That is definitely a much needed word for these days and times. "Praise Up", one of the best cuts on this project is a hip hopping song perfect for the gospel workout tape. This high energy songs says:

Let everything that have breath
Lift your hands up and praise Him
Send the praise up

If you're not moving to this song, I suggest you check your pulse!You just have to move to this song! "Who Is Like Our God?" slows things down a bit reminding us that there is no one, nothing on this earth that compares to our God. He's a doctor in the sick room and a lawyer in the court room. There is none like our God. "Jesus", co-written by Deitrick and his wife, Atlantic recording artist Damita, is another good track. Damita has a strong hand on this project as co-writer, writer and co-producer. The title cut, "Supernatural", is a funky song followed by "Just Another Day".

If you loved the title cut to Deitrick's previous project, "Chainbreaker", you'll love this remake - with some help from the family. His mother, Prophetess Joyce Haddon and his father, Bishop Clarence Haddon add their voices to this revised rendition (minus the hard rock edge) of "Chainbreaker". "Anybody Here" showcases the voice of Miss Melody Armstrong, daughter of the famed gospel songstress, Vanessa Bell Armstrong. "Come Into This House", another really strong urban song, talks about getting up for church and getting into the store house.

"It's eight o'clock
In the morning and I gotta get up
To lift Him up, can't be late
This is the day that the Lord hath made
And I can't wait
To clap my hands, to do my dance

And if you ever longed to hear the Isley Brothers do gospel, you'll get close with "Raptured Away". Written by Damita, the song samples the Isley Brothers' classic "Footsteps In The Dark". What a great song! "You Didn't Let Me Fall" is one of the most beautiful ballads on this project. In the tradition of Michael Jackson, Deitrick does his version of "We Are The World" with the guitar-laden track "When We All Get Together". "WWYD" is a rhythmic song with the chorus "What would you would do if Jesus came back tonight?" What a powerful question and great track. "Rain On Me" has Deitrick Haddon sharing the mic with Vanessa Bell Armstrong. They truly minister as they ask the power of the Holy Ghost to rain down on them. And speaking of ministering, all of the members of VOU minister powefully and the background vocals on the entire CD are tight. The last track "So Good" is a fantastic way to close out this upbeat and spiritual project. "Supernatural" confirms the fact that Deitrick's footing in the gospel music industry is firm. He has found a way to meld an urban contemporary, hip-hop sound with the anointing and message of Jesus Christ.

Bravo Deitrick. You've done it again!

Feedback - Rene Williams is a freelance writer for, GTM Magazine and Charisma Magazine. She also is the author of the Gospel News Update, a bi-weekly e-zine about what's happening in the Christian music industry, and the D.C. Gospel News Update, a weekly newsletter about gospel events in the Washington, D.C. area.


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