Zee - Livin' Proof

Zee - Livin' Proof


By Peggy Oliver

Once upon a time, a Nigerian-born man of Muslim faith traveled to America pursuing the American dream. He found the woman of his dreams, married, and gave birth to a son, Abdul Aziz Peregrino-Brimah. Through good and bad, that son, nicknamed Zee, turned his life over to Christ, and is the only Christian on his father’s side of the family.

Livin’ Proof, the debut courtesy of Bezworks Music, tells humbling personal stories, boldly teaches about hardships faced and how Christ transforms lives. Zee would eventually be raised by his mother after a divorce, because his father returned back to Nigeria. During his college days at Winston-Salem State University, the North Carolina resident hit a crossroads battling fleshly desires, while recognizing rewards of heaven and consequences of hell. A year later, he chose the heavenly rewards. Zee, who started free styling in 1994, has been extremely busy lately with regional appearances and The Texas Holy Hip Hop Awards, plus participating in a forum, “Can God Use Holy Hip Hop?” with Da Minista and Lil iRocc on WHAT 1340 AM in Philadelphia.

Running through some of the highlights, the heart-pounding Take It Up, advises we “can’t afford to make friends with the world” (John 15:18-19), and brings the humor, “Pull up your pants and tie your shoes.”

My Story summarizes Zee’s life story in roughly five minutes. Jamaican toasting and intense rap flows mesh on No Have To Worry, where we carry our spiritual weapons daily. Sure the world may be a ghetto. Yet Heaven Ain’t Got No Ghetto, and in the temporal, nothing is fabulous whether pimpin’, drugs, etc. 1 + 1 = 2 teaches the principles of Godly relationships, and not the just physical attractions “that don’t add up.”

Radio may take notice of Make Your Life Better, another lesson in choices we make, supported by a magnetic hook during the chorus. The title track nails the purpose of maintaining Christian character toward our fellow man who “hungers for truth but they’re skeptical.”


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