David Mann - Mr. Brown’s Good Ol’ Time Church

David Mann - Mr. Brown’s Good Ol’ Time Church


By Cherisse Stephens

If you are driving your car or trying to sneak a listen at work then Do Not put Mr. Brown’s Good Ol’ Time Church on! You will be in some serious danger from the laugh attack you’ll have listening to the debut CD of talented actor, producer and singer, David Mann! This CD is like watching a Tyler Perry production because you can visualize Mr. Brown and Coragoing back and forth with each other as only they can!

The CD starts out with Mr. Brown Missed Church! This mini-skit sets the tone for the rest of the crazy and outrageous singing that’s about to take place. Mr. Brown is upset and calls his daughter Cora (who is really the voice of wife, Tamela Mann) and has a fit because God didn’t wake him up in time for church! So he takes it upon himself to have his own service! Have you ever heard of crazy church? Well, this is it!

David Mann sings some of your favorite hymns and spiritual songs and before you know it, you’re singing along! One of the highlights on this CD is Guide Me Ova. And no, that’s not a typo! And you know what? If you go to the right church on a Sunday morning, you’ll hear somebody’s choir singing it just like this. Jesus Will Fix It is another favorite because they really sing on this one!

Pray For Madea is off da chain and David Mann is simply coo-coo for coco puffs! On this track, they pray for the no-good, gun-toting, cigarette smoking Madea! Mr. Brown has mercy on Madea and asks God to forgive her - don’t put her in hell but give her “a little house outside the gate”. Who thinks up this stuff?

When the Saints Go Marchin’ In is not far from the original version until Mr. Brown takes the lead! Did I tell you that this CD is produced by EMI Gospel recording artist: Myron Butler and the group Levi sings background on a lot of songs! And it’s a shame that even when their having fun, the group is still fierce! Mr. Brown and his dog will have you crying tears! Praisem chirren…

Silent Night is a hoot y’all. I remember Mr. Brown singing this song at his Granddaddy’s funeral in one of the Tyler Perry productions. Why do you sing Silent Night at a funeral… well, Mr. Brown emphasizes “sleep in heavenly peace”. I know, you have to buy this CD to see what I’m talking about! C’mon deep folk - everybody needs to have a good laugh every now and then!


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