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Norman Hutchins - Where I Long To Be


By Cherisse Stephens

Tap your neighbor and tell them - I feel a breakthrough comin’ my way!  I know you feel like I’m getting ready to preach, right?  I’m not though; it’s just one of the many blessings that are packaged so wonderfully in Norman Hutchins’s latest CD entitled Where I Long To Be.  If you love great choir music; then this CD gets the prize.  You’ll praise from the beginning to the end.  Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect.

Hutchins comes out the gate with praise and adoration on the energetic song God Is Up To Something!  It’s old school mixed with new school.  As you listen to the words in this song and the others that will follow there’s no doubt that Norman Hutchins is somebody’s preacher.

I Feel A Breakthrough is one of my favorites on this CD.  The production is all that and some.  Jason White and James Roberson help make up the team of producers and let me tell you - they don’t disappoint.  This one encourages not only believers but anybody who needs God to do something great in their lives.  This should be the anthem for anybody looking for change this year!

Okay, Everything Will Be Alright is for the true choir!  Will all the real choirs and strong lead vocals please stand up?  Shervonne Wells of the famous Kurt Carr Singers assists Pastor Hutchins and let me tell you…. She’s sangin’!  Hand clappin’ and a great drummer are needed on this number!  God will make it alright!

Hutchins puts it all in perspective with the title track.  He wants God to know it’s not about him but it’s all about God.  This song will bring you to a place of surrender and humility.  The background vocals are beautifully arranged and so is the instrumentation. 

I Really Love You is a roll down the windows in the car and “turn up the volume” kinda song!  Can you feel me on this one?  It’s really smooth and the arrangements will have you moving your head and you know it… tappin’ those toes.

Because Of You is truly for Sunday morning service.  I love this song because the lyrics are a blessing.  It says there is no way I could have made it this far without you!  You brought me through many hard trials and I’m still alive because of you.  Has the devil tried to take you out?  Stand up and tell God, “It’s because of you I made it.”

Alright, I Won’t Forget takes you back to the good ole days of church!  Remember The Tommies?  Well, this song has that Milton Brunson vibe with upbeat music and wonderful horns!  Hutchins can pretty much sing anything too!  I’m really enjoying his vocal style.  And the A Team (the singers) are fierce!  Did I mention that the horns are hot?  This song will have the church… rockin’!

Testimony is just what it says.  It’s the awesome testimony of Pastor Norman Hutchins.  Buy this CD just to hear about the awesome, miraculous power of Jesus Christ.  Once you hear this testimony of healing, you’ll understand the passion and anointing that rests on this man of God’s life.  He takes us right into the song; All Things Work Together and you’ll be speechless.  Thank you God; because without the rain; a flower would never grow and in the storm; strong winds will blow and behind the clouds a sun will shine!  I feel one of those high pitched screams that you hear on Sunday morning getting ready…. Yessir!

After you have risen from off the floor, you’ll weep again on Thank You For Another Day.  Well, at least I did!  It’s a simple thank you song to God that has such depth.  The things we take for granted - we need to lift our hands and say, “Thank you Lord.”

You can rejoice your way out on this offering with I am Standing On the Promises. This is a jubilant offering that will have you swaying and clapping those hands.  This song sums up this wonderful musical journey.