Alvin Slaughter - Overcomer

Alvin Slaughter - Overcomer


By Peggy Oliver

Integrity Music/Columbia Records

Since stepping away from The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in the seventies, Alvin Slaughter has easily amassed an international following whether he’s leading worship on TV, during live performances, or in the studio. After his independently released debut, the New York native signed with Hosanna! Every CD on the label has utilized different production teams including worship leader Don Moen, the multi-talented urban gospel producer Kevin Bond, and Paul Mills, who has worked closely with Moen and produced BTC projects. But even with a respected track record as a longstanding member of the Integrity Music family, Slaughter’s latest release Overcomer elevates his already apparent worship gifts, thanks to the contributions of praise and worship producer Aaron Lindsey, who has guided Martha Munizzi, Israel & New Breed, and countless others.

It's also no coincidence that Overcomer is the perfect complement to I Got It Back, Slaughter’s autobiography that deals with his bankruptcy, marriage issues - his testimony. Overcomer parallels the theme of I Got It Back by encouraging the body of Christ to deal with fear and frustration with faith.

There are a few upbeat excursions, but those moments on Overcomer drip in old-school, funky fresh vibes, where Slaughter’s vivacious vocals soar. O Give Thanks acknowledges God for all the things He has done while it throws down Earth, Wind & Fire -style instrumentals. The chunky backbeats of I Will Not Be Afraid might make funkmeister Prince smile a bit; as Slaughter slams the door shut for those being held down he sings, “It's time to get your back.”

The mid-tempo We’re Destined To Win contains a duet with Aaron Lindsey a song about God's commitment to His people. Slaughter sings, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God,” which rides a waltz wave, eventually subsiding into the final minute with just a piano and calming voices.

Slaughter’s brief sermon regarding keeping our eyes on Jesus by running the daily race segues into He Loved Me to the End. Supported by African drums and glossy guitar strumming, this track marks the mighty heart of worship from Slaughter’s brief duet with female voices to the changing dynamics enhancing the lyrical essence of “We have overcome by His blood.”


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