Damita Haddon - No Looking Back

Damita Haddon - No Looking Back


By Rhonda Ridley

Every so often life throws us a pleasant surprise from people, places or things; sometimes all three. In Damita Haddon's upcoming album, “No Looking Back”, we were pleasantly surprised.

Laced with a sound I truly did not expect and conviction I believe is necessary, Damita brings the FIYA ! She has an imaginative and attractive sound. She “had” me as soon as I began listening to the album. That's rare.

Unfamiliar with her sound, I was captivated by the nice variety of tones I heard. There was a terrific combination of R & B, Gospel Contemporary, Caribbean , Praise & Worship and more. What an amazingly powerful voice on this woman. Her range just blew me away.

The title track, No Looking Back ”, I have deemed the new woman's anthem. It has a Mary J Blige feel and it makes you want to groove and press replay over and over again.

There was even a neo-soul feel track called, “Midnite“. It took me back in the day to early Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. It's extremely mellow and the softness of Damita's voice just takes you away.

I read where Damita notes Michael Jackson as one of her many musical influences. This becomes very evident on the track called “Pray”. She actually sounds like Michael when he was with the Jackson Five. It's retro and the track makes the song a head banger. I guess I'm bias since this is my era, but this song is truly HOT!

Then we get deep on the track called, “Torn Up”. Imagine God appearing to you asking, almost begging to commune with you. Crazy right? Check out some of the words. “ It's getting critical cause I'm crying everyday. I'm split up, messed up but never giving up on you. Wish it was mutual than maybe you'd come back home. Please come out from the night into my guiding light“ . This one made me so emotional

If it is your desire to hear something fresh, amazing and new this project is it. The title of this album is “No Looking Back”. All I have to say is, “I'm looking for more“. After an 8 year absence, what a way to make a comeback. Brava Damita!!


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