Gary Oliver - More Than Enough

Gary Oliver - More Than Enough


Integrity Music adds another star to its glowing line of urban praise products with More Than Enough, Pastor Gary Oliver’s latest release.

Co-produced by Pastor Oliver and Joe Hogue, this album offers a rich dose of live praise and worship.

Pastor Oliver was not alone in making this wonderful collection of soul-stirring psalms. He is accompanied by the dynamic voices of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s worship team (under the direction of Parrish Williams.)

Oliver wrote or co-wrote all of the tracks on the album. His creative quality, coupled with the anointing of a true worshiper, serves as a common thread pulling together a very colorful variety of declarations.

Pastor Gary says that a certain spiritual experience inspired many, if not all, of the tracks on his latest release:

“I have had notable [spiritual] experiences but one in particular has so impacted my life that as I worked on my latest release, I found myself trying to understand how I might bring the body into right alignment.

Starting with the first song, it's my hope and prayer to bring you to a holy place! Sanctified! The House of the Lord! I want to encourage you to sing I Will Trust in You always!

Then you can, "Cast All Your Cares upon the Lord" and "Celebrate, Jesus, celebrate!" I want to encourage you to declare, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord" (As We Sing Holy) I Just Want To Stay"...all because "He is More Than Enough!"”

Anyone familiar with Pastor Gary’s work can testify that he is a worshiper. This collection of love songs, appropriately titled More Than Enough, doesn’t prove any different.

Recorded live at the 22,000 member New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia this release is the embodiment of the power available through corporate worship and praise.

This album is clothed in an R&B-styled garment that helps to bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional formats.

Of course, where gaps are bridged the people will come – any people.

Oliver has often been accused of “sounding black”, but says that even though his home church is black, his band and singers are black, his music is geared toward anyone with a heart for worship.

He likes to be thought of as someone who makes music for the people—music that anyone can relate to and understand.

A particularly moving tragedy inspired the song I have adopted as my favorite, As We Sing Holy. Written the week after the death of Pastor Gary’s seventeen-year-old son, Brandon, it is the evidence of the sustaining power of a genuine relationship with Christ.

The pastor says that the song was based out of his heart as a worshiper.

It was his ability to feel who he was and what he was going through and be honest enough in that moment to say, ‘ I don’t really understand all this, but even in it, I worship You.’

As he began to say that out of his heart, the psalm was drawn out of him the way only God can, and now it is an obvious vehicle of blessing.

Some have even said that the song sounds like Babyface-meets-gospel-choir with a little Christopher Cross’ Sailing on top.

I agree it’s a soulful, soft R&B type choir ballad.

There are many other gospel goodies on this album. Namely the timeless classic Celebrate Jesus that has been ‘upgraded’ with a shot of house mixed techno dance music.

It’s very upbeat, and pretty fresh to Oliver’s style. You almost have to check your disc changer to make sure that it’s on the same CD.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good – the variety is tremendous! I cannot leave you without telling you about the title track More Than Enough.

This war cry is a spunky declaration that demands attitude. It reminds us of the jewel that our God is.

The song calls some of the many names of the Lord God Jehovah such as Shalom and El Shaddai. I refer to the Lord as a jewel, more accurately let’s consider a diamond.

The radiant sparkle of the precious jewel depends on the light in the room and the angle that it’s viewed. The Bible tells us that the Word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

The more we expose ourselves to that ‘light’, the more radiantly we will see our God shine.

Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered. Amen. As More Than Enough demonstrates, we can see the multifaceted character of our God differently, and more clearly, depending on the ‘light’ of our circumstances.

When in need, we see Him more radiantly as Jehovah Jireh, our provider. In times of sickness, He emerges as Jehovah Rophe…can you feel me?

So much awaits you in the presence of the True and Living God. Grab an earful of More Than Enough and you’ll begin to taste and see!


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