Vicki Yohe - I Just Want You

Vicki Yohe - I Just Want You


By DeAngella Lockett

Vicki Yohe Powerful, passionate, sincere and, above all, anointed is the stellar description to be given such a talent as Vickie Yohe'. A veteran worship leader, singer and songwriter, she has entered the stage with her latest project, giving listeners an uncensored look at what real love should feel like. This project whisks the listener from this plain, straight into the presence of God. The lyrics are the dominant theme throughout this CD. It is clear that Vickie is on her way to the presence of God, while offering a buddy pass for you to go with her.

She comes right out the gate with the title track, a smooth blend of rhythm that easily transforms the mode of the listener, inviting them to take the journey with her through this project. I Just Want You makes a clear declaration of her undying love to the object of her heart, the Lord Jesus. She pushes the listener to reflect on the things that could be in the way of the definitive depth of a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Vickie's declaration of worship is pronounced through the lyrics of Because of Who You Are. This gut-wrenching song is full of soul and the clear understanding of her purpose as a person, artist and child of God. She has discovered the supreme meaning of worship with this powerful song.

It is apparent from Yohe's compilation of songs that she is not a novice in the area of ministry. Her prayer in Anoint Me Lord could very well be the anthem for those in ministry. Yet it sets a stage of humility before the Father that can be embraced by anyone sincere about his or her daily walk and fellowship with the Lord. Yohe' maintains a soulful depth to each note as she paints a picture of sheer reverence for the majesty of the throne of God.

Since God loves truth, whether good or bad, Yohe' stepped up the level of authenticity and ministry when she stood boldly saying what many would like to say. She uses this platform to declare that waiting is not always the easiest or most comfortable thing to do. Yet she rallies by throwing herself in the arms of the Father, asking for His will in spite of her own desires. In the Waiting is the track that moves this CD from one level of sincerity and relevance to another.


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