Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir Releases New CD “It’s Not Over”

Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir Releases New CD “It’s Not Over”


It’s been four years since the dramatic Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir’s last CD release. Now, the dynamic ensemble is back in the choir stand with a dozen modern-day hymns that are destined to touch hearts and souls for years to come. The new CD It’s Not Over is the choir’s first on the Emtro Gospel label. “This was a gift from God,” says Emtro Founder and CEO, Troy Sneed.” I’ve been a fan of Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir for years. As soon as I thought that it couldn't get any better. Wow!” As soon as I thought that it couldn't get any better. Wow!” Radio feels the same way as the new single "It's Not Over...God is in Control" is climbing the charts.

It’s Not Over, isn’t just a song title. It’s a truth. After the death the Rev. Ernest Davis, Jr. in 1991, Inner City Communications radio executive Chris Squire (who recently survived prostate cancer) took over the almost thirty-year-old choir and kept it a live. He gave up the reins for a couple of years (2003-2005) because of the demands of his day job. After his replacement died, Squire came back with a renewed mission for the group. “The goal was to get them back to the national spotlight.” He says. “They are too good of a choir to be relegated to become just a local choir.”

Among the highlights on the project are Maurette Brown Clark’s leading, “Lord, You’re Worthy,” Lecresia Campbell’s soaring soprano on “Somewhere Around the Throne” and Beck White’s impassioned tunes, “Victory” and “I Can See the Morning Light.” White was also the composer of the choir’s previous tune, “Hosanna,” a Grammy-nominated smash. “I’m looking for this album to impact the church community,” Squire adds. “I expect that we’ll be able to walk into a church and hear our music getting sung during a normal church service. It’s great radio stuff but its also great stuff for church.”

The Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir is comprised of singers from Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their 1988 debut, “Victory Shall Be Mine” (Sweet Rain Records), yielded the radio hits, “Ride On King Jesus” and “Sovereign.” Their 1991 project, “He’s Preparing Me” (featuring Rev. Daryl Coley) spent over 70 weeks on the Billboard Magazine Gospel Charts and the title song won the Stellar Award for best song of the year. During that period, the choir also backed R&B vocalist Patti Labelle on her hit, “When You’ve Been Blessed, Feels Like Heaven.” Further hits followed with “Stand Still” (featuring Lecresia Campbell) and their CD Hosanna – And They Sang the Word won a Grammy nomination.


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