Verity Gospel Music Group Releases New Music from Ben Tankard

Verity Gospel Music Group Releases New Music from Ben Tankard


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy In Stores April 28th

New York, NY - Affectionately known as “The Quincy Jones of Gospel,” Ben Tankard is a Gospel music mainstay who’s talents have helped launch the notable careers of Yolanda Adams and Take 6 and amassed numerous awards and accolades. On April 28th, with the release of his 16th CD MERCY, MERCY, MERCY, Tankard will continue to amaze audiences with his smooth, soulful sounds.

Produced and arranged by Tankard, MERCY, MERCY, MERCY is a smooth mix of inspired tunes that run the gamut from original Gospel-infused Tankard compositions to moving covers of R&B favorites such as The Emotions’ 1970s hit “Best of My Love.” Tankard also puts his touch on Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” as well as the title track, which re-interprets the original Cannonball Adderly recording. “‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ was the first song that I ever played in a band,” says Tankard. “This was the perfect time to record the song because it has an underlying message of surviving through adversity and knowing that God will give you strength to make it through anything. During this time of struggle everyone needs to know that they are not alone, and that the trials we are currently facing have been fought – and won - before.”

The first single “My Lips Shall Utter Praises” is a sweet, heartfelt ballad with vocals by Shelley Massey. Other highlights on MERCY, MERCY, MERCY include “Heavenly Vibes” and “Love Notes From The Piano.” An outstanding collection of jazz tunes, MERCY, MERCY, MERCY demonstrates just why Ben Tankard has stood the test of time and remains a favorite in Gospel music after all these years.

Distinguishing his music from that of secular ‘smooth jazz’ artists, Tankard says: “It’s not a technical thing, it’s a spiritual thing. I believe that there is a spirit that God breathes onto my music that gives people a different feeling than the music from someone who is not of inspirational origin…And words put you on a thought path too. So, if I title my song ‘Heavenly Vibes,’ then you’ve got Heaven on your mind before you even hear the first note.”


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