Recap of Fred Hammond’s God, Love & Romance CD Listening Event


Another song “I’ve Got A Good Woman” was played which talked about being in a relationship with the one you love.   Fred asked married men in the audience sitting with their wives to stand and look at their wives and sing “You’re the best thing.” He turned around and had the wives to sing back to their husbands.  It was special shared time for the couples.  Fred had everyone to join in to sing “Jesus you’re the best thing that every happen to me.”   Hammond played his song “The Proposal.”   You really sensed the audience embraced the vision Fred shared about his love songs.

Hammondswitched to a question and answer period. One person asked, “Fred, what inspired you to do this CD? Fred said”Life… my life inspired me.  I write about my life experiences.”   It was s a fun and lively atmosphere in the place.

For the second half of the event the Church of the Redeem of the Lord Mass Choir came to the stage.  Fred sung his hit songs, “Jesus Be a Fence,” “Wait on the Lord,” “Blessed,” and more.   The crowd was on their feet getting their praise on.

God, Love & Romance was released on January 31, 2012 to stores everywhere.

Richard Cox



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