Verity Records Sues TONEX for Over $ 1 Million

Verity Records Sues TONEX for Over $ 1 Million


Washington, DC - Award-winning Gospel artist, Tonex, is being sued by Zomba Recording/Verity Records for over $1 million after Tonex complained to the world that he is being mistreated and, thus, desires to break ties with the record company.

Tonex's attorney, Courtney M. Coates, Esq. says, "This unfortunate and heavy-handed lawsuit was filed for no other purpose than to force Tonex to record future albums under harsh, oppressive and unacceptable working conditions which no artist should tolerate." He continues, "Notably, the allegations made by Zomba/Verity against Tonex still ignore Tonex's numerous complaints about the label's unfair business practices, including its failure to completely and accurately account and pay him monies owed over the last several years."

Tonex's independent record label, Nureau Ink, LLC, wants to release the best of Tonex's latest music under his sole creative direction and control. Last week, Nureau Ink and Tonex fought back and filed a federal lawsuit in California to have a judge confirm that Tonex's recording contract is terminated or otherwise unenforceable.

As the renowned minister, producer, writer, singer, actor, and dancer begin to fight for his freedom, Tonex says, "This is not just about me. I represent every artist that has been manipulated and used by the music industry and I seek vindication for all of the unsung heroes who are not working and not eating, because they are not being treated fairly by record companies."

This intense legal battle will set the stage for future artists and increase awareness to other possible victims in the music industry.

An impassioned Tonex says, "I want to put out the greatest music I've ever worked on, but Verity Records won't allow me to do so." He adds, "Even though I have endured my share of personal hardships, I am definitely made out of steel and velvet and am putting all of my trust in the Almighty God."While Tonex is struggling financially to make ends meet, his music has made Zomba/Verity well in the millions in record sales. The artist's loyal fan base includes over 500,000 people and a radio listening audience of over 40,000,000 weekly.


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