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Your Search is Over! Excerpt from

Your Search is Over! Excerpt from "The ONE" by Tonia East


Your Search is Over!


Blockbuster films have featured the quest of it.  Books have been written to give step-by-step instructions to capture it.  The online dating industry boasts revenues of more than $900 billion, building upon the hopes and wishes of individuals all wrapped up in the pursuit of finding…the one.

    I spoke at length to a group of women that shared some of these same concerns. Their thoughts are shared throughout my latest book The One. One thing they all agreed upon was that  at each point in their life whether single or married, it has been a time for understanding who they are and who God has called them to be. It’s also a time to become prepared for all the different roles women play in life. We are learning to be better friends, sisters, mothers, wives, teachers, and students in all areas of life. One woman commented on how sometimes we allow ourselves to be defined by our singleness, but there are so many aspects that make up who we are and we have to position ourselves to be used by God in various roles. 

I look back at my teenage years and wonder how much farther I would be in my spiritual journey had I spent less time consumed with “the one” and more time seeking The ONE. We cannot change the past, but we can redirect our future. We can save our money and redirect our time. There is no need to waste precious energy chasing after everyone that could potentially be “the one.” Realize it is not necessarily that something is wrong with you. And guess what, you are okay with God. In fact, you are more than okay; you are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.


Actually, now is the time when He has you all to Himself. After reading this book, I pray you will realize as I did, that singleness is not something that we should regret, but it is one of the only times in our lives that we can focus solely on who God has called us to be. What a tragedy it is if we are always stressed about pleasing others and never have a time in our lives which we can devote to pleasing God and becoming the best person we can be.


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