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Dr. Marvin Sapp’s I Win CD/DVD 2011 Live Recording

Dr. Marvin Sapp’s I Win CD/DVD 2011 Live Recording


Recap of Verity Gospel Artist, Dr. Marvin Sapp’s I Win CD/DVD 2011 Live Recording

        Thousands of Marvin Sapp’s fans from the Washington D. C. Metro area turned out for this sold out event.  There was so much excitement and high anticipation looking forward to Sapp’s live recording.  This was a rare opportunity to experience since this was Sapp’s first live CD recording since the passing of his wife, Dr. MaLinda Sapp and his first recording outside of his hometown Grand Rapids, MI.  The event took place at Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Aaron Lindsey once again produced this project along with Myron Butler as the music director. 

          Sapp’sbrother, Comedian Hen Sapp opened with a comedy routine.  Everyone had some laugh-out- loud fun.  Next, there was a slideshow of images of Washington D.C.‘s popular landmarks and photos of President and Mrs. Barack ObamaSapp followed with a video welcome message. The stage setup showcased an intimate environment with lighting and a wide backdrop that displayed complimentary images to set the mood of each song.

       Dr. Sappprayed and opened with an upbeat song, “Teach My Hands to War which had a D.C. Go-Go feel.  He slowed the pace and sung I Belong to You and Never.    Sapp talked about the song,” I Win” and said “we are more that conquerors …I Win!... I Win!... I Declare it!... I Shall Win!”   The anointing fell in the place throughout the performance.  Next, he sung the worship song “Glory “and transitioned into a hymn medley of song such as “I Need Thee”, “Bless the Lord O My Soul, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus “and more. The hymns increased the praise momentum atmosphere to another level moving the crowd to a more intense praise and worship experience.   Sapp sung more worship songs, “More Than Ever”, “”Deeper, and” Leaning.”  He took time to share his heartfelt testimony about what he has been going through since his wife passed and how things seemed at times like he was out of control but he knew God was still in control. Sapp said, “I still survived!”   He began to sing the song, “My Testimony” and the audience went forth in high praise once again.  Sapp ended the song by having an alter call as the anointing saturated the place.  He continued by singing,” No Quit”,”Do Me Like You” and “Keep It Moving.” The recording was like attending a good church service revival as Dr. Sapp intertwined both his anointing as a preacher and as a singer.               


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