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Gerald Scott & Co's. New CD “Incredible”

Gerald Scott & Co's. New CD “Incredible”





 Washington, D.C.-Based Ensemble Fuses DisparateMusical Styles On Its Forthcoming CD, “Incredible”, Hitting Stores EverywhereJuly 17th

For the lastfive years, Gerald Scott & Co. has been one of the DMV (Washington, D.C.,Maryland and Virginia area) metroplex’s top local acts and now the dynamicensemble is poised to become one of the nation’s leading gospel acts. Although,the group has released two successful indie projects in the past, they arestepping up their game with their third CD release, “Incredible”, which will bereleased by Baltimore, MD-based Habakkuk Music on July 17th.

The bouncyradio single, “Alright,” is reminiscent of a new wave Earth Wind & Fire`70s jam. “We’ve been getting amazing feedback from it,” says Scott. “It’s veryuplifting and encouraging. I like to call it a great song you can roll yourwindows down and ride to, so people are loving it and I’m just glad aboutthat.” Many people are glad and Scott and company are picking up fans in highplaces. Stellar Award winning gospel artist, Jonathan Nelson, says, “His musicis refreshing” and renowned worship leader, Stephen Hurd, adds that, “God isusing Gerald in a way that will reach far and wide and touch people.”

“Gerald Scott is aphenomenal songwriter,” says Habakkuk CEO, April Washington Essex. “It's likehe writes from the heart of God. What's more, he's got the whole package:anointed ministry, great vocals & arrangements, exciting performance andhe's still young!”  Scott composed and produced all of the tensongs on the “Incredible” CD that ranges from lush, congregational worshiptunes such as “Higher” to the ferocious rock vibe of “No Condemnation.”  In between there are down-home churchsongs like “God is Good”, the pop-styled ballad “Back With You” and theexhilarating rhythm of the title tune. Each track shows off not only Scott’swarmly earnest tenor but also the rich harmonies of the Co.


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