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GC Movie Review - Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself


Meanwhile, April makes no bones about not wanting the children around. She is, however, determined to keep her surly married boyfriend Randy (Brian White) around. Although he pays her bills there's no real emotional attachment between the two.

But you don't miss the fact that there's something missing in April's life and she needs to be restored.

Again April's sleep is interrupted when the Pastor Brian (Pastor Marvin Winans) sends a Mexican immigrant handyman, Sandino ( "CSI Miami's" Adam Rodriquez) to help April around her dilapidated home. Soon Sandino begins to read the heart of this sad and lonely woman, but chooses instead, to love the children as they await foster care. The delay in foster care forces April into an uncomfortable corner as the children must stay with her in the meantime.

On the days the children work off their debt at Madea's house she and Joe threaten and antagonize the children in pure Madea and Joe form; it's absolutely hilarious.

Desiring the see her friend happy, Tanya (Mary J. Blige) who's also a nightclub singer at Club Indigo often shares words of wisdom with April as she drowns her sorrows at the bar. With a straight no chaser type of attitude Tanya helplessly watches as April struggles to live and accept unconditional love from a good man, her friends, her community and the church. After April learns of her mother's death, the children's primary caretaker, Tanya dedicates a powerful song of reflection and truth, "I Can Do Bad all By Myself" to her friend. When asked about the similarities between herself and her character Tanya when performing this song, Mary J. Blige shares, "You saw Mary because I had to channel Mary in order to perform this song. There was a lot of my story in that song and in my character." As well, Wilma (Gladys Knight) stops by club to ask April to let people in and love her, she is brushed off by April. But before she leaves, she too performs, "The Need to Be" an amazing number of self reliance and self love.


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